When I see anything in miniature it makes my heart sing.

This collection of work brings together my love for old objects with the romance of tiny lives. I have achieved my objective if your voice goes up in pitch when you spot a feature in my work.

I trained as a jeweller and silversmith but have always collected craft skills, like a magpie collects shiny objects. From knitting to stump work embroidery, metal engraving to wood carving. I like to use traditional craft skills to create my work. I utilise as many traditional materials like wood veneer and brass, and repurpose as many second-hand materials as I can, to breathe a new life into old and obsolete objects.

I intentionally run my business with as low impact on the planet as possible; with minimal use of plastics, new materials and fossil fuels. From the work itself to banking to power to packaging – I am trying to create “miniatures with a tiny footprint”.


Work In Progress:
Sewing Machine / speakeasy

England, United Kingdom

Ice cream:
Another passion