Portrait of a Home

Portrait of a Home

The Victorian, embossed burgundy leather, flower photograph album opens to reveal a few carefully chosen and annotated pictures introducing us to the family. Several pages in we reveal a room carved deep into the book. A Tudor cottage room with limestone hearth and roaring fire. Dark wooden beams criss-cross the wattle and daub walls. The floor made from rustic wooden floorboards.

The room is lit with LED lights but there are no light fittings. This room has been left blank for the owner to make their mark. Keep to the Tudor theme or turn it into a modern country cottage. Whatever your vision sees. Scale 1:72


A Victorian flower photograph album.


Walnut wood, Farrow and Ball paint, Limestone, steel, cardboard, LED Lights, magnets.

Price: £250

For sale at the Kensington Dolls House Festival, Christmas Show 3rd December 2022 or contact me to buy direct.