The Apothecary

The Apothercary

Found in a dusty corner of the playroom cupboard this vintage St Michael’s toy register appears abandoned.

But any one who rang up an imaginary sale would find the chime of the register’s bell heralded an unusual sight. An apothecary for the tiny seeking good health. with working brass scales to measure out the ingredients kept in real glass jars stoppered with brass finials on wooden shelves. A tiny pestle and mortar for creating balms and tinctures. A brass still to brew restorative tonics.

And through the doors there is the stock room and a small living space with all the basics so the old chemist can cook, wash and rest their weary feet by a warming fire after a long day. 1:148 scale


A vintage St Michael’s of Marks and Spencer Toy Register containing an Apothecary


Glass, walnut wood, brass, acrylic paint, iron, pine wood, LED lights and battery compartment.


For sale at the Kensington Dolls House Festival May 2022