The Architect’s Office

The Architect’s Office

Someone decided the unique viewpoint of this small camera would be a perfect workplace.

They white washed the walls to bring light to the space but still had to augment it with a working ceiling light. Taking a photo will illuminate the space revealing the wooden floors and furniture.

Essentials are a desk, shelves and filing cabinet. But work must be busy as plans are leant against the wall or fallen to the floor. Work is piled on the table and cabinet and the art box lays open with pens and pencils in disarray. The shelves are packed with materials, books, papers and glass bottles of paint. Here’s hoping they remember to water the plant.


An original Kodak Brownie camera converted to an architect’s drawing office.


Glass, pine wood, brass, acrylic paint, pine wood, paper, LED lights and battery compartment.

Price: SOLD