The Fairground

The Fairground

This mid 20th Century movie camera has filmed many hours of family fun. It seems fitting that now you can climb inside and enjoy all the fun of the fair.

Use the balls to knock down the tin cans to see if you can win. Buy a jolly balloon but don’t forget to tie it to your wrist in case it flies away. Have a go at hitting the ducks in the shooting gallery. Climb down the ladder and brave your future as read by the old gypsy in the fortune teller’s tent. When she peers into her magic crystal ball what will she glimpse in red and blue flashes within the genuine opal? Stop for snacks afterwards and revitalised have a go at testing your strength. Can you hit the bell?

Time for a sit down but it won’t be restful on the thrilling Ferris wheel. Wind up the old camera and press the shutter release to spin the wheel. (For a peek behind the scenes remove the lens cap to see the clown’s dressing room.)


A Bell and Howell 605 vintage double run super 8 cine camera containing a fairground.


Opal, woven cotton, wool, brass, acrylic paint, paper, iron, acrylic, pine wood.


First Shown at The Kensington Dolls House Festival May 2022