The Football Changing Room

The Football Changing Room

This is half of the piece “His’n’Hers”. A piece that plays with gender stereotypes. This changing room is built inside a well used 1950s football boot and reflects the changing rooms of the 1950s-1970s.

We enter the scene as the team have left after a hard match. The clay “concrete” floor is muddied and damp. The wood and cotton traditional mop has not been used yet. The metal bucket still contains the “magic sponge”.

An old towel drips on the side of the large communal bath where it was abandoned. The large chromed taps are off. The tub empty.

The laundry basket stands open, full of dirty kit. You can close it if it smells too much. A brown leather football and the team colours scarf are forgotten for another day.

LED lights illuminate the window with the bright light of a spring day and the interior light bathes the room in a familiar yellowy glow.

There is a small tin which the moveable items in this diorama can be packed up in: The laundry hamper, mop, bucket, ball.


A vintage 1950s leather football boot.


Clay, beech wood, acrylic, straw, paper, metal, brass, aluminium, LEDs and battery case, cotton fabric, leather.

Price: £700

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