The Jeweller’s Workshop

The Jeweller’s Workshop

Inside this elegant musical jewellery box a resourceful person has set up shop. A workshop with traditional jewellery bench with hide apron. A polishing machine and rolling mill for changing the gauge of wire and sheet metal according to the gauge table handily hanging on the wall next to it. The repurposed old crate contains spare wire or brass and precious metals. Cardboard boxes for packing and storing items are stacked. A beam winch can swing out from the wall when untethered to help manhandle the heavy gold ring blanks from their storage crate. The shelves are full of spare emery paper, chamois leather cloths and polishing wheels. As well as storing semi-precious stones ready for when they are needed. The work table has a jewellery drill, wooden mallet and saw next to a leather sand bag used for holding metal when you beat it. On the workbench their are pliers and other tools as well as a g-clamp, and of course a traditional bent-wood chair. The smaller shelves contain pattern books and spare paper for designing. A jeweller’s tray with tiny cubic zirconia wink in the light next to a pair of jeweller’s glasses.

Due to ill-advisedly asking my Instagram followers if I should leave some items unfixed down so they can be rearranged most, of the shelfed items and some of the furniture and other items are loose and can go wherever they fancy. Which is handy for a jobbing jeweller. And all of this happens as the music box plays “If I Were a Rich Man” from Fiddler on The Roof.


A vintage wooden jewellery box with marquetry inlay and satin lining containing a jeweller’s workshop.


walnut wood, brass, steel, gold, silver, diamond chips, cubic zirconia, amethyst, citrine. opal, mother-of-pearl, other semi-precious stones, leather, emery paper, pine wood, wind up musical movement, acrylic paint, paper, wax polish.


For sale at the Kensington Dolls House Festival Christmas 2022 or contact me for direct sale.