The Ladies’ Changing Room

The Ladies’ Changing Room

This is half of the piece “His’n’Hers”. A piece that plays with gender stereotypes. This changing room is built inside a well cared for 1930’s ice-skating boot and reflects the luxury changing rooms of the 1970’s.

The genuine limestone floor leads from the frosted shower cubicles to the lockers. The locker contains a brass coat hanger and the large leather holdall used to move the skates around. inside are the tights used under the spangly ice-skating dress.

On the side are hairdryers that can be lifted out of their holders, hairspray, tissues and other toiletries. Spare clean Towels are in abundance.


A vintage 1930’s leather ice-skating boot, Made in Newcastle.


Limestone tiles, beech wood, acrylic, straw, paper, silver, brass, tin, LEDs and battery case, cotton fabric, leather, polyester tights.


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