The Pollocks Toy Theatre: Alice in Wonderland

The Pollocks Toy Theatre: Alice in Wonderland

I was bought a Pollocks Toy Theatre, made from card, fully colour printed with Character holders for my birthday when I was 8. I loved it! I didn’t know the story, it involved a harlequin, but I loved building the theatre and acting some sort of story with the beautiful scenery and characters. And this vintage camera with its receding bellows is the perfect place to put on a play.

The bent-wood doors open to reveal the lighting on one side that controls illuminating the stage the front clam-shell lights and also the behind the scenes traditional ceiling suspended stage lights. The other side contains the characters and their soldered brass holders that enable the play’s director to manipulate the characters through the stage side entrances to enact parts of the play.

A case contains the characters: Alice, the Mad Hatter, the White Rabbit, the Duchess, the Cheshire cat, the playing card guards etc.

Many Thanks to The Pollocks Toy Museum for kind permission to use their artwork and concept. You should go. You really should, it’s amazing! When you are in London, United Kingdom, next.


An Ensign Selfix 12-20 containing the Pollocks Alice in Wonderland Toy Theatre.


Giclee print on Hahnemuhle photo rag paper, brass character supports, brass lamp shades, fine cotton, bent-wood doors, LED lights and battery compartment.

Price: SOLD

To be sold a the Kensington Dolls House Festival May 2022