The Stamp Collector’s Bedroom

The Stamp Collector’s Bedroom

The gleam of the mother-of-pearl shot through with a rainbow of colours hides a secret. If you open the clasp the sections inside the little stamp purse will fan out and in between the compartments you can find evidence someone has moved in.

They papered the walls and floors with the stamps they found. Created a bathroom with a small tin bath and left the cotton towel on the side. The small door opens with a brass door handle. The dressing table sits in front of a found sixpence, the shield highly polished to reflect their face back. On the table sits a hair brush and cut glass perfume bottle with brass stopper.

They reupholstered the easy chair that they use to sit and read in. They also hand-crafted themselves a beautiful comforter which they laid on the bed tucked up to their woollen pillow. A perfect place to relax.


An antique mother-of-pearl stamp purse with red fabric lining housing a tiny bedroom.


Vintage stamps, faceted glass, brass, acrylic paint, paper, cotton, wool.

Price: SOLD